Make Yourself Comfortable While Spinning A Bike

So you are a spin bike enthusiast. And you spend most of your time working out on a spin bike. Maybe you got one in your house or you go to the gym to take a spin. Yet something is off and you find a host of problems making it uncomfortable for you to do cycling.

Find the pressure points while on a bike and make yourself comfortable while spinning a bike.

1. The height problem

It could be that when you first set up the saddle height it was not appropriate for your body to build. Most experts comment on the fact that people don’t know which height to fix their saddle and that is the start of all your problems. If you feel a pain in your hip region every time you are on a spin bike it is probably due to the height at which the bike has been set up. Most people blame the saddle for their hip pain but most experts say that the problem lies with the height where the saddle has been set up. Get a professional to fix the height of your bike when you first install it at your home or reach early to the gym to get the height fixed by your gym instructor. Ideally, your legs should be straight at the bottom of the pedal stroke with your feet parallel on the ground.

2. The Saddle width

Maybe you are going numb or feeling a discomfort in your nether regions. This is attributed to putting too much pressure on your sacral regions or it could be the saddle is too narrow or too wide for you. Either way, the sacral region is being compressed, leading to numbness.  In order to have the most comfortable riding experience, one should try to support the body and not rest completely on the saddle. If the problem persists despite the change in riding style one should consult a spin bike expert. Get your sit bone measured and find out if the width of your saddle is too wide or too narrow and then find your saddle soulmate.

3. Get the right equipment

A lot of people experience chaffing while riding a bike; especially where the thigh meets the butt. In such cases, the suggestion is to wear a chamois (sometimes called a shammy). If you wear regular gym shorts while on a spin bike, ditch them. Chamois sticks to your skin and doesn’t let your skin to rub against each other providing a comfortable experience. 

4. The distance of the handlebar from the saddle

Feel like you do not have enough leg space to paddle on your spin bike? It could be that the handlebars are not at the right distance from your saddle. Experts suggest that when the paddles are at an equal distance from the ground most pressure should fall on your feet and not on your hands. This will ensure that you don’t face any injury risking your knees to take all the pressure.

5. The height of the handlebar

While the distance from the handlebar and height of the seat is important so is the height of the handlebar. Let’s face it, to have an ideal riding experience the pressure of balancing yourself on a spin cycle should be distributed throughout your body. If your handlebar is not at the right height, which should be parallel to the seat, your spine will be bent or arched at an uncomfortable angle leading to pressure on your spine which is not a good scenario for your body. So make sure your handlebar has a well-adjusted height according to your body and aligned to the same height as your saddle. 

Making yourself comfortable while spinning a bike should be able to enhance your riding and work-out experience which will enable you to enjoy the process, leading you to look forward to your time at the gym. Let’s start spinning!