Music Diplomacy

How notes and sounds can change the world for the better.


Mentorship Program Malawi

We are proud to announce a partnership with Music Crossroads to jointly develop and promote social-engaged music initiatives in Malawi. Paolo Petrocelli, Founder & President of EMMA for Peace, will work along side with Gladson Msendera, music teacher from Music Crossroads Malawi, on delivering a mentorship program for local musicians and music managers. Music Crossroads is a non-profit organisation that supports the development of music education and the music industry in the southern African region. Guided by the commitment to education and training, EMMA continues its global journey promoting understanding and goodwill through community and international... read more

EMMA for Peace awarded another grant for a new Erasmus+ project

EMMA for Peace awarded another grant for a new Erasmus+ project EMMA for Peace continues to promote the values of the Erasmus+ Programme by changing the lives and opening the minds of young professionals and youth leaders. The organization has been successful for the second time in gaining Erasmus+ funding to organize a new youth project, which will bring together in 2020/2021 participants from Germany, Morocco, France, Romania, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon. More info... read more

Cultural and Music Diplomacy professional training course

EMMA for Peace is proud to be partner for a professional training course on cultural and music diplomacy and international cooperation organized by ISPI, the Italian Institute for International Political Studies. The course will be delivered online and in Italian.  More info here Program coordinator: Paolo Petrocelli, Founder & President EMMA for... read more

Music Diplomacy – Stories from the World

EMMA for Peace is launching the first blog community dedicated to collecting the most inspiring stories on music diplomacy from all over the world, bringing together experiences and reflections from musicians, scholars, experts, diplomats, activists and journalists working in the field. Music diplomacy is a particular form of cultural diplomacy. As a universal language that breaks down language barriers and cultural differences, music promotes cooperation, understanding and mutual respect among people, communities and nations thus contributing to a culture of peace. Editor-in-Chief: Paolo Petrocelli... read more

EMMA for Peace brings EUYO to Oman

In collaboration with EMMA for Peace, the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) will perform for the first time in Oman, presenting a special gala concert with Latvian Soprano Kristine Opolais, conducted by Vasily Petrenko, on April 18th 2019 at the Royal Opera House Muscat.  More info and tickets... read more

EMMA for Peace and UNHCR for Syria

We are pleased to announce we just signed an MoU with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. We will be partnering with them for a special event in Milan, Italy on November 28th: a fundraising concert for Syrian refugees, featuring Italian conductor Beatrice Venezi, Syrian conductor Nahel Al Halabi, Damascus String Quintet and Mirna Kassis Join us in Milan! More info and tickets here #WithRefugees #EMMAforPeace... read more

Peace Drums: EMMA for Peace in Lampedusa

EMMA for Peace is proud to be among the organizers of Peace Drums. PeaceDrums is a concert spread out across the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of drums exchange beats from coast to coast making the heartbeat into a pulse of peace at the rhythm of music.  All together, on the 23rd of September 2017, we will make one sound resonate: THE WAVE OF PEACE The starting point for communication will be the beach. The rhythm will take us back to the ancestral essence of life: the heartbeat. From a reverse perspective, the beach becomes the symbolic starting point for a dialogue based on the rhythm of music. From Lampedusa to Venice, Istanbul, Smirne, Beirut, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Barcellona, Marseille and more. Music will send a message of peace, bondage and friendship between people facing the same sea. The sea that will be the route for cultural exchanges like it always has. More info... read more

Music Diversity and Diplomacy Symposium

EMMA for Peace is pleased to join the “Music Diversity and Diplomacy” Symposium organized by ICDO(International Cultural Diversity Organization) at the first edition of the Suoni dal Golfo Festival in Lerici, Italy on August 31st. More info on... read more