EMMA for Peace at Dialog Milano with Iraqi musician Karim Wasfi

On June 10th 2015 at 6.00pm  at Teatro Litta in Milan (Italy), on occasion of the conference “Travels of Hope: Europe, religions and hospitality”, promoted by Dialog Milanoa space dedicated to the inter-religious dialogue in Milan (Italy), EMMA for Peace will present a music performance by Iraqi cellist Karim Wasfi, who recently carried his instrument to the site of a bomb explosion in Al Mansour, Baghdad, and played music as a message to terrorists that Baghdad will never die.

On a video posted on Facebook, via independent Iraqi media channel Soutuna, Wasfi said that he wanted to respond to the bombing with music.

He said: “It’s my way of expressing my feelings”. He sat playing the cello as a crowd gathered around him. Shop owners also stopped cleaning and listened to the man playing in the middle of war zone.

Pictures and videos of Wasfi went viral on social media and got thousands of comments supporting his performance.