Civilization Ambassadors Winter Camp Egypt


20-27 September 2014

CAWC (Civilization Ambassadors Winter Camp Egypt) is a 7-days international camp for worldwide youth hosted by OMA (Oyoun Masr Association for Cultural & Social Development).

During the programme, participants from 18 to 30 years old  learn basic concepts on human rights and democracy through video scripts extracted from daily situations in Egypt, UNESCO publications on human rights, lectures, speeches, and group discussions. After the completion of the workshop, participants are expected to play the role of multiplier and disseminate the concepts of democracy and human rights in their communities.

EMMA for Peace Founder and President, Paolo Petrocelli, will give workshops on music diplomacy and cultural leadership.

After the revolution in 2011, Egypt has been striving for building a democratic society but concepts of human rights and democracy are new to many people. This series of workshops aims to provide especially young people in rural areas an occasion to learn about human rights and democracy and also to build the sense of solidarity in their communities.