Innovators’ Coaching

Rome, Italy

In 2018, EMMA for Peace is looking forward to promoting the values of the Erasmus+ Programme by changing the lives and opening the minds of youth workers and youth leaders. EMMA for Peace has been successful in gaining Erasmus+ funding to organize the ‘Innovators’ coaching’ training course starting on the 2ndtill the 9thof November 2018. The project’s reference number is 2018-1-IT03-KA105-013361 and it is funded under Key Action 1 by EU, Mobility projects for young people and youth workers, whichprovides to the individuals the opportunity to improve their skills, increase their employability and gain cultural awareness.

‘Innovators’ coaching’ is a training course that will reunite partners coming from 6 countries EMMA from Italy, Arabisches Deutsches Center für Dialog – WASLA from Germany, Social Action Academy from Lithuania, World Youth Alliance from Lebanon, Youth Spirit Center from Jordan and Oyoun Masr Association – OMA from Egypt bringing together 27 participants who will be hosted in Rome, Italy.

The main objective of the training course is to equip participants with the necessary coaching skills to be able to facilitate projects that include young people who are at risk of being marginalized due to their cultural, social or ethnicity background.

This training course will use hands on approach and non-formal methods of education to assist the participants to understand the different types of inclusion and methods of how to deal with them. This will help the participants to understand what the role of a coach within the area of inclusion should be and give them tools to work with when working with young people.

The non formal methods of education will be used – improvisation theater, case studies, simulation, video forum, etc. – to address social inclusion, youth participation, education and training.

The project will have a wide impact at a local, national and international level, as all the organizations involved are active in the youth field in their communities.