EMMA for Peace, or the Euro Mediterranean Music Academy, is a non-profit global umbrella organization for music diplomacy and education: a network of music institutions, universities and philanthropic foundations brought together in the shared interest of music and the promotion of peace in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.

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Peace Drums: EMMA for Peace in Lampedusa

EMMA for Peace is proud to be among the organizers of Peace Drums. PeaceDrums is a concert spread out across the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of drums exchange beats from coast to coast making the heartbeat into a pulse of peace at the rhythm of music.  All together, on the 23rd of September 2017, we will make one sound resonate: THE WAVE OF PEACE The starting point for communication will be the beach. The rhythm will take us back to the ancestral essence of life: the heartbeat. From a reverse perspective, thehow to make a Woman squirt beach becomes the symbolic starting point for a dialogue based on the rhythm of music. From Lampedusa to Venice, Istanbul, Smirne, Beirut, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Barcellona, Marseille and more. Music will send a message of peace, bondage and friendship between people facing the same sea. The sea that will be the route for cultural exchanges like it always has. More info...

Music Diversity and Diplomacy Symposium

EMMA for Peace is pleased to join the “Music Diversity and Diplomacy” Symposium organized by ICDO(International Cultural Diversity Organization) at the first edition of the Suoni dal Golfo Festival in Lerici, Italy on August 31st. More info on...

EMMA for Peace in Nepal

Artists in residence, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Nepal 26th April / 2nd May 2017 In occasion of the forthcoming UNESCO InternationalVoot for android Jazz Day (30th April), by invitation of the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (Nepal) with the support of Fao Mountain Partnership, artists Gianni Denitto and Ivan Bert are going to develop a project that will include charity concerts and workshops. In the one week residency seven Italian artists (five musicians, one choreographer and one documentarist) are going to perform and teach improvisation techniques, dance and jazz music to the Nepalese students. Concerts are scheduled in the NAG orphanage, Kathmandu clubs and UNESCO sites. EMMA for Peace is proud to partner with Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory and support this exciting cultural, educational and social project. Artists invited: Gianni Denitto (alto sax) Ivan Bert (trumpet) Fabio Giachino (piano) Mauro Battisti (double bass) MattiaAppvn Apk Download Barbieri (drums) Valentina Gallo (choreograper, Teatro Orfeo) Paolo Ceretto (documentarist, video...