Gabriel Prokofiev joins EMMA for Peace

EMMA for Peace is proud to announce that Gabriel Prokofiev, one of the most relevant contemporary composers and producers of his generation, joins the organization as an artist representative.

It means so much to me, to be a representative for EMMA for Peace. I’ve been a pacifist all my life, and I strongly believe in tirelessly striving for empathy between opposing groups. Despite political or cultural differences, we should never give up on the search for open dialogue and discussion. I think that mutual understanding is always possible, even if it comes very slowly; and it is essential for long-lasting peace. We share the same, increasingly connected yet endangered, planet, and our similarities as human beings are in fact greater than our differences, so for the sake of future generations we must keep our minds open.

Music is a particularly strong universal language that can communicate beyond linguistic barriers; it can bring people together and remind us of our shared humanity. Even if disagreements persist, music can give us hope, and can be an essential building block to reconciliation and peace. I look forward to working with music as a pathway to peace.

Gabriel Prokofiev