A Special Collaboration for Syrian Children

We need to be all one hand against all the war, as there are no winners but only losers” declares Maias Alyamani, talking about the Solidarity Concert for Syrian Children that EMMA for Peace is promoting in collaboration with  UNICEF Italia  and William Walton Foundation.“Feeling such a sympathy and all this support makes me stronger and able to hope for a better future for my people and my country”.

Maias Alyamani is a Syrian violinist and composer who is active with EMMA for Peace. He aims at pointing out the emergency situation that his country has been facing for years.

On 10th July he will perform, together with the award-winning London’s un-conducted string orchestra 12 ensemble, on the unique stage of the Greek Theatre in La Mortella Gardens in Ischia.

Andrea Iacomini, UNICEF Italia’s spokesperson, says: “Thanks to EMMA for Peace and to this important event we will go on underlining a conflict that has been shocking Syrian children for years. We can not forget them, let’s highlight together this emergency.”

The sub-tropical and Mediterranean gardens created by Lady Susana Walton, English composer Sir William Walton’s wife, will be the ground on which  music may become a place where people can discover again the importance of hearing, communicating, explaining themselves and going on telling stories of emergencies, difficulties and crisis, because it is important that civil society and institutions remain vigilant about these topics. Because: “when music speaks, everybody understands”.