EMMA for Peace at Kunsthaus exhibition

EMMA for Peace joins Kunsthaus in supporting the promotion and knowledge of cultures and traditions of the countries of the Mediterranean, through the connection between music and contemporary art.

Mys-sing Things is an exhibition organized by Kunsthaus divided into two thematic sections: music and contemporary art. This fusion between the arts is accomplished through two musical performances throughout the evening. The first, curated by EMMA for Peace, will present Iranian musician and composer Pejman Tadayon who from 2012 carries on the “Pejman Tadayon Ensemble” a project dedicated to spirituality and Sufism that combines music, dance and poetry to celebrate and spread the universal message of peace and harmony among all religions and cultures. Through the use of musical instruments from different cultures, Tadayon evokes states of meditation that aim to bring out the spirituality and emotion inherent in every human being.

Mys-sing Things 

Exhibition by Kunsthaus

EMMA for Peace presents: Pejman Tadayon 

Palazzo Velli – Piazza Sant’Egidio 10 – Trastevere, Rome

October 30th 2014 | h 6.30 -12.00 pm