Parliamentary Assembly Union for Mediterranean

Chamber Of Deputies Of The Italian Parliament, Rome, Italy

14-15 November 2013

EMMA for Peace has been invited to attend the Meeting of the Committee on Improving Quality of Life, Exchanges between Civil Societies and Culture of the Parliamentary Assembly – Union for Mediterranean, which will be held at the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament in Rome, Italy, on 14-15 November 2013.  

For the occasion, EMMA for Peace brings together one of the most acclaimed female Arab artist and a group of Italian young talents to send  a musical message of peace for the Mediterranean from one of the most prestigious Italian institution.

The Grand Dame of Arab opera singing, Lebanese soprano and composer, Hiba Al Kawasalong with Italian youth string ensemble Archi di Roma will give an emotional performance in front of speakers and delegates coming from all over the Mediterranean region.

Paolo Petrocelli, Founder and President of EMMA for Peace, will address the audience with a speech on the role of music and education in peace-building and reconciliation.