Universal Forum of Cultures

Naples, Italy

20-21 May 2014

EMMA for Peace at the Universal Forum of Cultures, created by the Fundación Forum Universal de les Cultures, Barcelona, and promoted by UNESCO.

20-21 May 2014, Auditorium degli Scavi di Pompei

The value of communication in the cultural dialogue between Mediterranean cities

A two-day conference for historians, institutions, journalists and the world of art to a dress the need to share a communication and training model that can protect and revive, through the efforts of the institutions and Mediterranean cities, dialogue on the development of the culture of tourism and of archaeological sites in the area. Topics: culture and dialogue in the Mediterranean; culture as economic value and identity of the cities, the role of communication in Mediterranean cultural information.

21 May 2014

Music and culture in the Mediterranean – the experience of EMMA for 

Speaker: Paolo Petrocelli, Euro Mediterranean

Culture as an integration 

Speaker: Khalid Chaouki, President of the Culture Committee of the Parliamentary Union Assembly for the Mediterranean

Culture as economic value and identity 

Speakers: Maurizio Barracco, President Banco Napoli; Riccardo Monti, President ICE

The culture of land and water: the resources for nourishing the Mediterranean

Speaker: Eugenia Ferragina, Institute of Mediterranean society studies.

New patterns of communication and information supporting cultural dialogue in the Mediterranean 

Speakers: Luigi Contu, Director of ANSA Agency; Alessandro Barbano, Director of Il Mattino; Laure Sleiman Saab, Director of Lebanese News Agency; Abdelkrim Hizaoui, General Manager of National Centre for the Training of Journalists (Tunisia); Mohamed Sabreen, Director Al-Ahram (Egitto); Mahmoud Chammam, Former Ministero of Information and President of Lybian International for communication; Riyadh El-Hassan, President of AMAN (Alliance of Mediterranean News Agencies); Zouhir Louassini, RaiNews24

closing: Stefano Caldoro, President of Campania Region.